Party Rock Truck

Experiential Art Director and freelance creative director for this Guerilla Experiential Marketing Campaign, TH

Created a guerilla experiential marketing campaign for the launch of a new entertainment complex in the city during Songkran Festival in Chiang Mai. One of the main activities during this "water fight festival" is to drive around the city's moat in a truck, so we took that concept to the next level. We outfitted a 40ft. truck with a waterproof DJ booth, speakers and dance floor to create a mobile night club. When we arrived to the city's main gate which is crowded with people, we did the "Harlem Shake" which was in trend at the time.



WORK: Freelance creative director, Experiential Art Director, Immersive Experiential Marketing, Freelance Producer, Poster, Photoshop, Google Sketchup, sticker wraps, banners, signage, truck bed stage design, city permits, social media contest, event management. 


RESULT: The experiential marketing campaign was a big success and became the talk of the town. Through our Facebook contest we were able to generate hundreds of new leads and filled up the truck with winning contestants for all three days. 

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Los Angeles, CA